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We Can't Believe Hailey Baldwin's Getting Married – but We Can Totally Envision Her Wedding Dress

It’s happening, you guys. Hailey Baldwin is totally going to marry Justin Bieber — no matter what you Jelena fans have to say about it. We know it’s sudden, but Hailey Baldwin has been amping up to be the perfect bride for years — or so it seems. Aside from being very adamant about specific details of her engagement ring, she’s had plenty of practice wearing white. Take a browse through the photos ahead, and you’ll immediately being to recognize a pattern.

Hailey rocks leg slits whenever she can, or extremely short minis (so something tells us she’ll have a party dress for dancing). She’s a pro at trekking along in platforms, so the chance of bridal flats is slim to none. And, we have a few ideas for what designer she might tap for the job. Tommy Hilfiger, Virgil Abloh, and the team at Roberto Cavalli best be standing by the phone! Read on for our official guesses as to what Hailey will choose for her special day, and let us know if you have any doubts that it’ll be damn sexy.

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