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This Very Famous Designer Was Dressing Lady Gaga When "People Didn't Know Who She Was"

I celebrate just like the next girl when I see Christian Siriano’s diverse runway, which he describes as the “new world of what’s beautiful.” The clothes are colorful, the women are colorful, and there is such a wide variety of body shapes and sizes represented, it’s impossible not to stand up and cheer. But I also love to scan his front row — he has so many admirers who he’s worked with for years showing up in support, Whoopi Goldberg included.

When I got the chance to talk to Christian, who’s launching a new eyewear collection for Transitions that is predictably bold and bright, I wanted to focus on the topic most of us are interested in: his impressive roster of celebrity enthusiasts and his red carpet domination through the years — though he promises that has only happened naturally:

“We never go after people. We are not like, ‘Oh, I have to dress that person.’ I really like to make it more organic and I think that’s why I had success on the red carpet for so long, because we just hope for the best and I don’t put so much pressure on myself because that’ll drive me crazy . . . We will reach out to stylists, but I don’t let it make or break my life,” he told me.

Christian recounted some of his proudest moments for me, like Michelle Obama’s blue DNC dress, for which he received one of his most memorable compliments. But he truly treasures his relationship with Lady Gaga, and he so humbly reminded me that he was one of the first people to dress her and still works with her today. Keep scrolling to find the one woman Siriano has yet to create something for (no spoilers here!) and the one gown from his Spring 2019 line that you just might see pop up this award season.

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