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These Are the Comfiest Skinny Jeans I Have Ever Owned – and They're Only $46

Let’s be real: jeans are never anyone’s first choice when comfort is the goal. Denim can often be restraining and stiff. I totally changed my mind as soon as I slipped into these Topshop Leigh Jeans ($46). They’re as comfy as leggings — no kidding. The material is soft and stretchy, yet it doesn’t bag out. You could easily sit cross-legged on the floor in these pants without any irritation — that’s the ultimate test.

I first purchased these jeans in black, but I loved them so much, I went back and got the classic blue pair too. They look great with a t-shirt on the weekends but equally as cute with a blazer when I’m headed to the office. They’re my year-round staple. Treat yourself to a fresh pair for Fall; your wardrobe deserves it.

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