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The No. 1 Bestselling Leggings on Amazon Have Pockets . . . and Come in 36 Styles!

Finding the perfect leggings for working out can be hard. They need to be a good fit and quality, plus we’ll give bonus points for an affordable price tag. That’s why we were so excited to discover these Ododos Leggings ($19) — they’re the bestselling option on Amazon. They have over 3,000 customer reviews, and 62 percent of buyers give them a perfect five stars. That’s pretty impressive.

What makes these leggings especially enticing is that they have pockets! They are the perfect size for carrying a phone or keys. We love convenient and thoughtful design elements. The high-waisted cut is incredibly flattering; these leggings come in both capri and full-length silhouettes. There are a whopping 36 styles to choose from; you can pick from every color and design combination imaginable. Some color choices include pink, lavender, gray, yellow, and white.

“I was skeptical about buying these pants as I am about most exercise clothing online,” one buyer said. “I got them in and wore them for a run. After my run I celebrated with champagne. Low and behold…. these pants fit a whole bottle of champagne in the pocket! This was a phenomenal feature! Since then, my run times have improved tremendously. I highly recommend these pants for this feature alone.”

If that hilarious review doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will. We’re stocking up on these leggings ASAP!

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