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Target Is Selling So Many Affordable '90s Tees, We're Bursting With Nostalgia

If you’re on the hunt for cool graphic t-shirts that pay homage to the best decade of them all (the ’90s, obviously), your first instinct may be to hit up your local thrift store. But if sifting through the racks sounds like too much work, I’m delighted to share a shortcut: Target is currently selling plenty of fun tees to satisfy all your ’90s-obsessed desires.

The retailer currently offers tops that reference popular throwback shows like Saved by the Bell and Rugrats, as well as iconic films like Clueless and Toy Story. A handful of them are technically from the men’s department, but hey, I’m so here for shopping in the men’s section. The best part about these vintage-looking shirts? They all cost less $17 or less, so you won’t be breaking the bank while you rep your favorite ’90s stars. Ahead, shop my favorite Target picks.

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