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40 New Outfit Ideas For Girls Who Love Booties

While you probably own a fair number of ankle boots — or booties, as you might refer to them — it’s time to upgrade your closet. This year’s fresh trends mean updated silhouettes like cowboy boots, and there are so many outfit ideas that come with just this one shape alone. So imagine the possibilities […]

We Love Hailey Baldwin's Combat Boots Like She Loves Bieber, and That's a Lot

Hailey Baldwin’s past few appearances with her reported hubby Justin Bieber have been relaxed and street style cool. Hailey’s mixing Fall staples, like sweaters and denim jackets, with athleisure, and her looks are normally grounded with combat boots, this House of Holland pair ($490) in particular. They’re instantly noticeable no matter what else she’s wearing, […]

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