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Kim Kardashian's Sexiest Shoes Have Us (and Probably Kanye West) Gasping For Air

Kim Kardashian and her sisters have a way of getting everyone’s attention the second they step into a room. One thing in particular we’ve noticed about Kim’s style is that she only wears sexy shoes. If you think we’re kidding, hold on to your seats, because we’ve got proof. Whether Kim is walking the Met […]

Kim Kardashian's Latest Outfit Is, Er, Rather Unique – Would You Wear It?

I tried, guys — I really did. As much as I wanted to see the fashionable side of Kim Kardashian‘s latest outfit, the only descriptors that came to mind after a solid 10 minutes of staring at it were “absurd” and “seasonally confusing.” When the reality star made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she […]

Kim Kardashian's Skintight Patent Pants Are Expected, but Her Shoes Still Seem Impossible

Kim Kardashian joined her family at the first annual “If Only” Texas Hold ’em charity poker tournament in California, which supported City of Hope. The reality TV star and business lady wore a predictably sexy outfit consisting of a skintight, cleavage baring bodysuit and patent high-waisted pants that hugged her slim waist and drew attention […]

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