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I Want to Feel Sexy in My Sweatpants, and Hailey Baldwin Just Showed Me How

Some women can’t wait to take off their bras at the end of the day; I can’t wait to wash off my makeup and put on sweatpants. But that’s the thing — I rarely wear sweatpants out of the house; they’re basically just my pre-PJ outfit while I’m cooking dinner and meditating. I’ve never thought […]

17 Foolproof Velvet Jumpsuits That Will Always Make You Feel Your Best

If you’re over wearing dresses, try rocking a velvet jumpsuit instead this holiday season. Not only are these stylish pieces comfy as hell, but they’re also so flattering. We searched the internet and found the 17 hottest pieces out there right now, so all you have to do is click “buy.” Keep scrolling to shop […]

60 Gorgeous Lingerie Pieces You'll Actually Feel Sexy In

How many times have you found yourself thinking “I could never wear that!” while shopping for lingerie? What may look undeniably sexy on mannequins and Victoria’s Secret models isn’t necessarily what makes us feel sexy. Many designs can be a little intimidating for one’s taste. But instead of feeding into someone else’s fantasy, why not […]

Sexy Pajamas That Will Make You Feel Good in Your Skin

Nightwear can be tricky for women. We want to look good but don’t want to sacrifice our comfort to achieve that. While your PJs are there to keep you warm and fuzzy, why not add a little lace and silk to feel a little sexier? Below are some sultry slips, babydolls, and camisoles that are […]

13 Rose Gold Stocking Stuffers That Will Make You Feel Fancy as Hell

Our obsession with rose gold is undying — the hue is too pretty to resist! If you’re looking for holiday stocking stuffers in the metallic color, we’re all over it. These glitzy pieces will be the prettiest gifts hanging from the hearth. Shop through our selection of jewelry, sunglasses, and many more accessories ahead.

8 Holiday Fashion Trends That Will Make You Feel Like a Glam Queen, For Sure

When we think about getting dressed for holiday parties, the task can seem daunting. Our goal is to feel totally glamorous, but if that sequined dress comes a little too short and those old party heels have a rhinestone missing, well then, what are you to do? We curated a list of the eight most […]

27 Stylish Gifts That Will Make Your Friends Feel More Special Than Ever

When gifting your BFFs, we know something cute and trendy would be welcomed with open arms, but there should be meaning behind the present, too — something that matches their specific personality and that they’ll get good use out of all year (or years) long. Ahead, we’ve curated a bunch of items that every type […]

17 Celebrity Fall Denim Looks That Feel So On Right Now

There’s no one better to turn to for chic-as-hell denim than celebs. Hollywood’s elite get their hands on styles that often haven’t even been launched yet. Meanwhile, the supermodels are pioneers for some of the risky trends we couldn’t even imagine pulling off ourselves — that is, until we start to feel inspired by staring […]

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