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I Didn't Wear a Real Bra For 5 Years Until I Discovered This 1

Bras have never fit me right, and until recently, I never understood why. I have a small bust, and for the past five years, I’ve only worn thin, cami-like bras because I don’t need much support. While that’s always worked and been comfortable, they’re not the most flattering on my chest. I gave up wearing […]

Meghan Markle's Dress Comes With a Colorful Surprise You Probably Didn't Notice

Over the past few months, Meghan Markle has developed a royal wardrobe that is incredibly chic, often rule breaking, and totally her. From her preferred cuts to her go-to designers and favorite colors, she’s given us a glimpse of what she feels most confident in, and it would seem that navy is one of those […]

19 Chic and Fluffy Handbags You Didn't Know You Needed

Anyone who knows me knows I have a major obsession with anything soft and furry. For years, I’ve spent Fall and Winter in fuzzy coats, shoes, scarves — the list goes one, but one thing I never got into until this year is faux-fur handbags. Luckily, I’m not alone in liking this trend. These cozy […]

I Didn't Expect to Love This Fall Trend, but Now It's All I Want to Wear

I have to be honest, I’m usually a miniskirt girl because I think they make my legs look long. But this season, I’ve been seeing more and more midi skirts pop up, and I’ve kind of fallen in love with them. They are sleek and sophisticated but can still be whimsical with the right print. […]

7 Universal Styling Tricks I Didn't Learn Until I Was Pregnant

As a fashion editor, clothes make up a big chunk of my life. Not only do I wear them every day (you’re welcome), but I’ve become something of an expert on them. So when I got pregnant, I didn’t expect there’d be much I’d learn about clothes other than which type of onesie is better […]

In Case You Didn't Know, Meghan Markle Can Pull Off Any Neckline, and Here's Proof

Rack your brain, and you probably can’t think of one outfit Meghan Markle has worn that didn’t suit her perfectly. She chose a wedding dress that was minimalist and embodied sophistication, she can wear pants and make them royal-appropriate, and it turns out she can also pull off every single neckline. She makes a turtleneck […]

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