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20 Insanely Discounted Shoes That Are Almost Too Good to Be True

We can rarely tear ourselves away from a good sale, and this weekend is no exception. As Summer comes to an end, brands and retailers are quickly slashing prices left and right so they can make room for new inventory. If you’re looking for a new pair of shoes, now’s the time to shop. We […]

20 Years Later, and We Still Want to Raid Charlotte's Sex and the City Wardrobe

When it comes to Sex and the City‘s iconic style moments, you may have been a fan of Carrie’s head-turning outfits, Samantha’s skin-tight ensembles, and Miranda’s boss-lady power suits, but Charlotte’s chic feminine and preppy looks should not be overlooked. While the other girls were trendsetters of their time, Charlotte’s classic all-American wardrobe is still […]

20 Unbelievably Stylish Coats You Won't Believe Are Less Than $50 on Amazon

If you like to get ahead on your shopping and you’re already dreaming about your perfect Fall wardrobe, we have good news for you. In an effort to make sure your closet is fully stocked with all the essentials, we shopped on Amazon. The online retailer carries a wide array of stylish clothes at superaffordable […]

20 Pieces From Urban Outfitters' Mega Sale We Can't Say No To

Turning down a good sale is something we almost never do. Especially when there’s that one sneaker or dress you’ve been eyeing and now you can finally buy it at a discount. Everywhere we look there’s a new hot sale, but Urban Outfitters has one that shouldn’t be missed. It just discounted hundreds (if not […]

The 20 Most Stylish Celebrity Tattoos We've Ever Seen

Hollywood is known for its ephemeral nature. Stars rise and fall in popularity, TV shows come and go, marriages start and end (regularly), and styles change seemingly from week to week — if not day to day. It’s enough for the rest of us to barely keep up. One thing that’s tried and true? Celebrity […]

9 Comfy Skirts We're Adding to Our Summer Wardrobe ASAP – All Under $20!

There’s no worse feeling than overheating in a pair of thick pants. This Summer, don’t let the warm weather get you down. You can stay cool and comfy by treating yourself to a stylish skirt. These versatile pieces are easy to mix and match with everything you already own. Simply dress one up with heels […]

20 Stylish Wallets Made For Fashion Girls

Buying a gift for a fashion-savvy individual can be a little daunting. Do you splurge and buy them a luxury item or do you opt for a more reasonable, yet equally stylish gift, like a pair of glitter socks? Well, you can get the best of both worlds by gifting someone a fashionable wallet. From […]

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