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Princess Eugenie's Wedding Had a Strict Dress Code – as Always, Hats Were a Must

Casual is not a word you would use to describe Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s nuptials — or any other royal wedding for that matter. At the elegant event on Oct. 12 at Windsor Castle, guests were expected to look the part in morning dress.

What does that entail exactly? Per the official invitation, male attendees were expected to wear their morning coats, and female attendees were asked to wear day dresses with hats. A morning coat is a formal jacket with tails, which is then paired with a waistcoat, trousers, and typically a top hat. The day dress needs to be both formal and daytime-appropriate — and in case you hadn’t noticed, the hat is an essential element.

Though the wind proved to be a bit of an issue, it didn’t stop guests from looking fancy in their formalwear. Ahead, see examples of how guests stuck to the dress code.

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