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Olivia Pope Just Handled Your Biggest Fashion Dilemmas

If there’s one show that’ll always have us screaming “TGIT!”, that show has to be Scandal. Not only are we completely addicted to following the lives — and drama! — of Olivia Pope, her love interests, and problem-solving associates, we also can’t get enough of the fashion.

Between oversize coats, Prada bags, and tailored pants, Olivia knows a thing or two when it comes to style. But what would she do in the case of an emergency? What if that structured dress refuses to zip or she shows up at an event wearing the same gown as another guest?

So when we sat down with Kerry Washington to discuss the Allstate Foundation Purple Purse, we had to ask: how would the toughest woman in Washington DC handle crises like these? Read on to see what she said, then watch the series finale on April 19.

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