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No Need to Go Full Marie Kondo on Your Closet, Just Toss Out These 7 Items First

Hoarding clothes, bags, or even shoes is a habit all fashion girls are familiar with. Sometimes, you just can’t let go of that item because it represents a particular memory or special moment — like your old prom dress. While most of us wait to clean our closets, there are some items you can start getting rid of right now, whether you’re in your 20s or 30s. These pieces have no true value to you and instead, just take up space.

Though you’ve likely heard of the Marie Kondo method, a decluttering craze that made many readers, including us, clean out their homes and closets with vigor, we’re only suggesting you browse your closet for some select pieces to toss. Ahead, we rounded up seven items every girl should clear out and then shopping alternatives to update your closet with.

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