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No, Julia Roberts Doesn't Have a Twin, but Her Stylist Might as Well Be

Contrary to what your brain might have you thinking after seeing recent photos of Julia Roberts, you’re not seeing double but rather her look-alike stylist Elizabeth Stewart. The pair posed at the InStyle awards hand in hand wearing exactly the same pantsuit.

They opted for lilac Givenchy suits, most recently seen on male model Jonas Glöer at the label’s latest show. Julia and Elizabeth chose to pair theirs with a pink shirt and white lace-up sneakers, and they finished off the look with different colored purses; well, we have to differentiate them somehow!

According to InStyle, Julia came up with the idea when they were discussing outfit choices, and she explained, “It’s not often we get to go to something together, and I said, you know, because we do look alike, ‘What if we wore, like, a similar outfit? Let’s wear the same thing.'” They both decided it could be fun since they’re “kind of the same person.” But that’s not all: they didn’t just have matching outfits; their hair and makeup was near identical, too.

So our dreams of having two Julia Roberts in this lifetime might be a bit of a stretch, but this is a stylish look-alike team we can truly get on board with.

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