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Look at Madelaine Petsch In this Retro Bikini and Try to Tell Us Redheads Can't Wear Pink

Madelaine Petsch looks amazing in pretty much anything, from her new sunglasses collection to an Ariel-inspired beauty tutorial. Proving once again she can rock whatever she wants, the Riverdale star shared a snap of herself lounging in a pool, wearing a dusty pink two-piece swimsuit. While in Mexico, the star took in the sun — safely of course, adding another dose of clashy-cool color with round yellow sunglasses.

We’ve long heard the old fashion rule that redheads should avoid pink (eyeroll) but Madelaine’s chic, retro swim look finally puts that fallacy to rest — and proves that Millennial pink isn’t dead, after all. So no matter your hair color, read on to get another look at her super cute suit and shop similar options ahead.

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