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Listen Up! 2018's Hottest Bag Brands Are Also Affordable as Heck

This year, we’ve seen an array of stunning bags ranging from adorable wicker baskets to scrunchie bags take over our social media feeds. While logomania is alive and well, people are favoring more affordable brands that are still stylish as hell.

Need some examples? Beaded bags are officially a thing thanks in large part of Susan Alexandra’s whimsical creations, which have garnered a cult following. Her amazing designs have already been spotted on both of the Hadid sisters.

Cult Gaia is still holding its ground as one of the most Instagrammable bags with their classic bamboo bags, and they’re not the only reasonably priced brands catching our eye. Ahead, you can find all of the affordable bag brands we’re really excited about this year and shop some of our favorite picks too.

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