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Lady Gaga's Marc Jacobs Suit Takes Extreme Tailoring to Stylish New Levels

Lady Gaga just made her second appearance in as many weeks dressed in a fresh-off-the-runway Marc Jacobs Spring 2019 look, and this time around, we were not distracted by her shoes. Instead, we were wowed by how the singer, actress, and future Oscar winner (just you wait) managed to make an oversize outfit look like it was tailored precisely for her.

Gaga’s pantsuit, which she wore to the Elle Women in Hollywood celebration, may have been designed with exaggerated proportions, but it fit her where it mattered. The hems skimmed the floor effortlessly, the plunging neckline added a little sex appeal, and the shoulders sat where shoulders are meant to sit. But that aside, it was all about volume. Gaga even managed to emphasize this by hooking her hands into her pockets under the jacket, giving the impression of even more dramatic draping at the sides. Teamed with slicked-back hair in a center part and smoky, contoured makeup that’d make a Kardashian jealous, Gaga made this look her own.

Keep reading to see the look from all angles, then look back at another of Lady Gaga’s recent fashion moments, when she swapped outfits four times in one night.

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