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Lady Gaga Is a Victorian Queen, a Peacock, a Regally Smashing Fashion Moment in This Dress

When Lady Gaga goes there, we always seem to forget that the songstress is, well, more than capable of going there. While she’s embraced major style moods throughout certain periods of her career — we were particularly fond of her bespoke hats — when a red carpet approaches, we never know what she might do.

For Gaga’s A Star Is Born press tour, she’s stepped out in pink Valentino feathers and a silver Givenchy look complete with a cape, but for the UK premiere, Lady Gaga tapped Alexander McQueen for a Victorian-inspired ensemble stitched with pearls and feathers, dripping in gold, and affixed with a tall collar that is only truly fit for a queen.

Lady Gaga has a connection with the British fashion house (now at the helm of Sarah Burton), admitting she considers one of her most memorable looks to be an original design she wore by the late Alexander McQueen himself. We figure she’s just making powerful statements in order to celebrate a project that is clearly very, very important to her, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Read on for an all-angles view of Gaga posing with co-star Bradley Cooper, and don’t forget to zoom in on the stunning jewels that were the icing on this very tall, very elaborate cake.

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