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Kim Kardashian Is Reportedly Launching a Lingerie Line – So, Latex Corsets For the World?

Shortly after the Kardashian family announced they were closing all their Dash stores, it was rumored that Kim will be launching her own lingerie and shapewear line. The star is reportedly working with the group behind Khloé’s Good American label to develop the line and this new venture might debut at the end of the year. If you follow Kim’s street style, you’ll likely see that the lingerie business is right up her alley. Kim and her sisters are known for their love of waist trainers and corsets. The star also always wears stretchy biker shorts as her “going out” pants or simply just a bra under a blazer.

In fact, to prove our theory that Kim’s had the passion for lingerie and shapewear all along, we did a little Instagram stalking. We discovered not only does she love chilling in her bra and underwear, but that she has the confidence to rock it for the entire world to see. Here’s hoping she channels some of those feel good, sexy vibes into her new label. Ahead, see our proof that Kim was destined to create this new line.

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