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It Doesn't Get Any Hotter Than Kim Kardashian Wearing a Swimsuit – That's a Fact

If anyone knows how to rock a swimsuit, it’s Kim Kardashian. (She’s basically the first person we think of when we hear the words “bikinigram” or “selfie.”) You can literally name every style of swimsuit and chances are Kim has worn and posted it on her social media accounts. Her stylish swimsuit choices have even rubbed off on her famous sisters Kourtney and Kendall.

Whether she’s on vacation or simply hanging out poolside, Kim K. has a drawer full of enviable swimsuits. To give you an idea, she’s worn a red Chanel bikini and a neon pink one that requires sunglasses to look at, and she’s even matched bottoms with sister Kourtney. Ahead, we’re taking a look back at Kim’s most memorable swimwear moments, and we’ve even included a couple of gems from way back in time.

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