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In Case You Didn't Know, Meghan Markle Can Pull Off Any Neckline, and Here's Proof

Rack your brain, and you probably can’t think of one outfit Meghan Markle has worn that didn’t suit her perfectly. She chose a wedding dress that was minimalist and embodied sophistication, she can wear pants and make them royal-appropriate, and it turns out she can also pull off every single neckline.

She makes a turtleneck look chic, she’s classic in a v-neck, and she can even dress up a typically laid-back crew neckline in true princess style. But there’s one particular neckline Meghan has been wearing over and over since joining the royal family: the bateau neckline. She wore the style for the royal wedding, at Trooping the Colour, and at a number of other important royal engagements.

Nevertheless, we’re here to prove that Meghan’s not afraid of incorporating other silhouettes. Even though it’s possible she feels strongly about showing a hint of shoulder, Meghan’s game to try anything. Get a closer look at all the ways Meghan has styled different necklines, and try out these tips for yourself. Then check out her other styling tricks, including cinching her waist with a belt and opting for a power color.

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