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I Have Two Full Drawers of T-Shirts, and This Is the Only One I'm Wearing

In my humble opinion, there is no more necessary wardrobe basic than a great t-shirt. It goes with everything, something that’s difficult to say about most items, and I cannot tell you how many times my go-to outfit has included a t-shirt. I’ve worn one to brunch, to the office, and to a black-tie wedding (yes, really). Because I love them so much, I’ve amassed quite a collection of t-shirts, and here’s my criteria: the shirt should be fitted, not too tight and not too loose or baggy. I like a crewneck because I think the cut is easier to dress up, and the material should be comfortable and breathable but not paper thin. All my t-shirts were doing their job just fine, until I found this one.

The Club Monaco Leary Tee ($50) is everything I’ve been looking for in a t-shirt. The fit is that perfect balance of tailored and comfortable, and the sleeves hit at just the right place. Plus, it looks just as good tucked into a skirt as it does with a pair of jeans or trousers. The shirt comes in both white and black, as well as black and white stripe. I bought every color because now they’re the only t-shirts I want to wear, and I’ve turned countless friends into converts as well. It’s gotten to the point where I considered running only two days worth of laundry because I wanted to wear my favorite t-shirt again. My advice? Swipe one of these up before I beat you to it.

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