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I Have 30-Something Striped Shirts in My Closet, but This Is the Only 1 I'm Wearing

Trends come and go, but a striped shirt is a forever kind of staple. That’s my motto, and I live and shop accordingly, a philosophy that justifies my perennial quest for the perfect striped tee and the countless ones I’ve purchased along the way. They currently take up the largest portion of real estate in my crammed closet, so when I ordered two from the POPSUGAR at Kohl’s collection drop, it was only natural that my husband questioned my sanity: “Another one?!”

Fair enough, but I’d seen the striped tee ($36) in the lineup, tried it on in the office, and borrowed it for a good portion of Fashion Week. I planned to wear it once with jeans, but started outfitting it with everything. I wore it tied around my shoulder, over dresses, under jumpsuits, with a gingham skirt, and even workout tights. Hell, you couldn’t stop me — I think my team tried; someone might have asked if it had been washed (it was a fair question). The other outfits I’d overpacked were going unworn, but I didn’t care. I’d fallen hard for the easy fit — not too tight and right below the hip — with bright pops of color and ribbed fabric. It quickly replaced all of my other tops in rotation, striped and otherwise.

See it styled here, shop it for yourself, and wear it every-which-way you please — no judgment if you don’t get around to washing it between wears either.

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