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I Finally Found the Perfect Pair of Jeans That's Making Me Give Up Skinnies For Good

For as long as I can remember, I always resorted to skinny jeans. Getting dressed every day used to consist of jumping into the skintight pairs, pushing in one butt cheek at a time. It really started to get old. After seeing cool, straight leg jeans everywhere this season, I was determined to find my perfect match. I discovered these Levi’s Wedgie High Waist Straight Jeans ($98) earlier this year and now own them in three different washes.

The search for these Levi’s was easier said than done though. I spent so much time shopping for that cool vintage pair, but every time I tried ones on they were so small and never fit my body right. Feeling discouraged, I gave up my search and thought maybe they just aren’t for me. Months later I found myself at a Levi’s event and a stylist encouraged me to try some pairs on. I insisted that they never worked for me. I was then informed that for this style, I should size up two sizes. I was resistant because I had never been that size in my life. I trusted him and tried them on and to my surprise, they fit perfect, like a glove. I purchased them immediately.

Over the next few weeks, I wore them more and more. I was realizing that I was fading out all my skinny jeans. I then went on to buy a black and also light wash. I love wearing my dark ones with heels and a leather jacket when I go out at night. My lighter washes are ideal for work or weekends when I’m just relaxing with friends. The high-waist silhouette makes it easy to pair with a sexy crop top or just a cozy tee.

Not only are they more comfortable then any other jeans I’ve ever owned, but I love the way they look and make me feel. For less than $100, I can’t stop buying them. Try it out for yourself.

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