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How to Take Your One-Piece Swimsuit From the Beach to Dry Land Like It Ain't No Thang

So, you invested in a one-piece swimsuit you really like. And maybe wearing it three to four times at the beach this Summer just isn’t showing it enough love. We get that. Lately, we’ve been inspired by some of our favorite street style stars and supermodels who rock swimwear easily under jeans and with high-waisted trousers in the PM.

Swimsuits are great because they’re usually pretty structured and they keep everything held in tight. That means clean lines for your going out look and perhaps a sexy slip of cleavage too. Ahead, we rounded up a handful of ways you can get more bang for your buck in a one-piece. Spoiler: Penelope Cruz has a great idea for wearing that neon maillot to work! Read on for a few simple lessons, then shop some pieces we think would work wonderfully for this hack.

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