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Here's What to Pack For Every Type of Travel Weather

Packing for a vacation where the weather’s drastically different isn’t only hard, it’s frustrating. Like, explosion-of-clothes-all-over-your-bed frustrating. “Do people even wear shorts when it’s 65? Maybe I should google that,” you mutter to yourself. But instead of relying on a quick search or a weather app, we made you a handy guide.

To assist you in dressing for your next getaway, we gathered some ideal outfits and sorted them for three different types of weather: cold, moderate, and warm. We looked to jet setters who have figured out how to pack the optimal suitcase for traveling and came away with 30 different outfit ideas for every type of weather. Whether the temperature is set at 30 degrees or 85, use the #OOTDs below to craft your wardrobe.

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