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Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Amal Clooney's Here to Conquer the World in These Shoes

By now, we know that Amal Clooney’s NYC wardrobe is stocked full of designer coats, polished bags, and must-have shoes. The Lebanese-British lawyer serves as a visiting lecturer at Columbia University, and she’s one of the best dressed “professors” we’ve ever seen. After debuting a pair of thigh-high boots for date night with George Clooney, Amal left her house on April 16 in a similar pair.

She braved the rain in a red three-quarter-sleeved dress and underneath, a pair of lace-up burgundy boots peeked out. The closed-toe style (good thinking on Amal’s part because of the wet ground) had a vintage look, and the color matched with her sophisticated handbag. There’s no doubt she was the best dressed on Columbia’s campus that day. With boots like that, a woman can conquer the world. Read on to see her entire outfit, then shop similar shoes ahead.

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