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Have We Already Seen Hailey Baldwin's Engagement Ring? An Investigation

The news of Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber’s reported engagement has shook the internet big time. Devoted fans uncovered a few videos of the new couple in the Bahamas, where Justin reportedly popped the question while they were vacationing. Even still, an engagement ring isn’t visible, and we never actually see Justin get down on one knee and present the supermodel with a velvet box of any sort.

Of course, this will lead us back to Hailey’s recent street style and Instagram page, where you’ll find that she’s been wearing a stackable diamond band on her ring finger for a long time. Since Hailey and Justin’s rekindled romance seems slightly sudden and offbeat, we aren’t exactly surprised that zero traditional “OMG, I’m engaged!” photos have sprouted up, but nevertheless, let’s take a peek at the sparkler that Hailey just might be about to replace, shall we?

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