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From Bralettes to Fishnet Tights, Dua Lipa Serves Her Sexiest Style on the Stage

It’s no secret that when it comes to bikinis, Dua Lipa has a collection to envy. As for her style, she’s a true chameleon, sporting everything from red carpet metallic lamé to off-duty rugby shirts. One peep at her performing, however, may convince you that she saves her true style moments for the main stage. The musician’s costume closet fuses ’90s athleisure, playful ruffles, and an extensive selection of lingerie, revealing her rock solid abs at every opportunity (can you blame her?). Yes, Dua wears bras so well that it makes us question the necessity of tops altogether.

While you wonder if a bralette and sweatpants is an ensemble to emulate, read on for all the times Dua performed looking hotter than hell. Warning: you’ll be investing in concert tickets in a hot minute.

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