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Blake Lively Wore Reflective Chanel Sunglasses in Disney and Put My Ariel Crown to Shame

Grrrr. Blake Lively just outdid all of my best Disney looks, and I can’t compete. How could I possibly? The actress spent time at Disneyland Paris hanging out with Mickey. Did she have decorative ears? Check. Minnie’s pink glitter pair, I might add. Did she score points with the mouse himself while posing in front of the castle? Uh-huh. And then Blake did the unthinkable: she got someone to take a photo of her, staring up at Sleeping Beauty’s humble abode from reflective Chanel sunglasses. They were round, fabulous, and trimmed with sugar pink crystals that looked like candy! “When you wear two giant mirrors on your eyeballs and happen to look at real life MAGIC,” she wrote on Instagram.

Sure, I bring sunglasses to Disney, but they’re usually plastic and get stowed away in my fanny pack. They don’t do the castle justice when I look up at it. Not to mention, Blake is a fashion girl. My guess is that she consciously wore an iconic French brand at an iconic Parisian location. Karl Lagerfeld would be proud. I’m proud, and I don’t even know Blake. What I do know is that I already have an Ariel crown I wear, without fail, every time I step onto Disney property — and it’d look really cool with a shiny new accessory like sunglasses. In fact, Blake’s Chanel lenses even remind me of pearls, speaking to my mermaid spirit. I might not be able to re-create such an enchanting moment, but I’m about to buy similarly whimsical shades for my next walk down Main Street. Merci, Blake, merci.

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