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Blake Lively Definitely, Maybe Wore This Dior Dress Because of Serena van der Woodsen

Without warning, without a hilarious, witty Instagram post or a getting-ready snap, Blake Lively attended the Spring 2019 Dior show at Paris Fashion Week. No one told you she would be there, but you probably could have guessed that she’d show up in something gorgeous if you’d known. Something gorgeous and — oh my effin’ gawd — something that looked straight out of Serena van der Woodsen’s closet circa 2010, as so sharply pointed out by POPSUGAR editor Macy Williams.

Blake’s Dior design, a lightweight, embroidered tulle fit-and-flare layered over a nude slip, actually came complete with a detachable caged skirt swathed in sequins. Blake slipped it over her dress preshow to achieve a more voluminous look, accessorized with a colorblock Dior purse and spiky Christian Louboutins. As soon as Blake shed her coat and we laid eyes on the caging, the fashion connection was obvious.

In the Gossip Girl episode “Belles de Jour,” which appropriately takes place in Paris, Serena wears what is pretty much the minidress version of Blake’s modern Dior outfit. When you scroll down to compare pics, you’ll come to find there really is no denying it — Blake simply must still take a styling tip from Serena every now and then. Can you blame her?

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