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9 Completely Over-the-Top Things From the Gucci Runway and the People Who Would Actually Wear Them

Gucci’s Spring 2019 fashion show, which took place at the Théâtre Le Palace in Paris, was truly one of a kind. The brand’s designer Alessandro Michele had models walk down the runway in one interesting look after another. There was a Mickey Mouse-head bag, a denim vest with Dolly Parton’s face on it, and a live cockatoo.

While staring at these whimsical outfits, we couldn’t help imagining which celebrities would wear these looks. We can totally envision Miley Cyrus rocking the denim vest — since Dolly is her godmother — and Jared Leto wearing the ’70s-inspired men’s suit since he wears Gucci constantly. Ahead, we decided to have a little fun by matching our favorite looks to the celebrities we could see rocking ’em. Read on to take a peek.

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