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32 Ways to Wear Plaid That Are So Very 2018

Calling plaid a trend is a little like saying denim is having a moment. Jeans will always be a thing, just like plaid always seems to be in our wardrobe rotation. Still, admittedly, there’s an uptick in checks and tartans lately. The traditional prints may not be groundbreaking, but the styling is. With nods to our middle school uniforms, Cher Horowitz, and the iconic Burberry plaid, the sartorially with-it women of the world are giving us new ways to bring the pattern into 2018. Some rely on subtlety, others layer on the look in multiple pieces and colors. In each of these 32 cases, the effect is refreshed. So, while the print is nothing new, you can certainly sell your friends on the new-ish appeal it has when worn with dad sneakers, rainbow-bright hues, and many, many mixed prints.

Here, discover the ways to upgrade your plaid game.

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